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Dermatology Department

Founded in August 1958, dermatology and Venereology department is a professional discipline of Dermatology and Venereology integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. It is a master's degree awarding point of clinical dermatology and Venereology, a national skin medical beauty demonstration base, a national resident standardized training base, a drug clinical trial major, a psoriasis drug bath and phototherapy research center of the Chinese Medical Association Hebei provincial key clinical specialty, Hebei Provincial Dermatology Research Institute, Hebei Medical Beauty Center, national telemedicine and Internet Medical Center skin image demonstration unit. With strong technical force, comprehensive setting, advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment, and complete projects, it also enjoys a high reputation in the country.

There are 34 staff in dermatology, including 13 in higher vocational education, 7 in master's supervisor, 6 in the United States, Japan and other places, 8 in domestic first-class hospitals, 5 in doctor's degree and postdoctoral degree, and 15 in master's degree. There are two members of the National Association or youth committee. Professor Lin Yuanzhu is one of the founders of our department and a famous dermatologist in China.

The clinic has general, expert, special disease and beauty clinic, skin pathological section making room, skin pathological diagnosis room, fungus laboratory, venereal disease examination room, skin disease treatment room, laser beauty room, UV phototherapy room, CO2 laser room, dermatoscope and skin ultrasound examination room, skin surgery operation room, shallow X-ray treatment room, etc.

Carry out histopathological diagnosis, fungal and bacterial detection, multiple autoantibody detection, venereal disease detection, allergen detection, dermatoscope and skin ultrasound diagnosis, venereal disease treatment, phototherapy, skin surgery, liquid nitrogen freezing treatment, desensitization treatment, soft tissue sealing treatment, vivar light deep heat treatment and shallow X-ray treatment, etc.