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The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University

The Fourth Hospital of Hebei Medical University and Hebei Tumor Hospital is a large comprehensive Grade A Tertiary hospital focusing on diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and integrating medical treatment, education, scientific research, prevention and health care. Hebei Provincial Cancer Center, Hebei Provincial Cancer Institute, Hebei Provincial Cancer Prevention & Treatment Office, Hebei Provincial Anti-cancer Association, Hebei Provincial China-Japan Friendship Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment Center are based in the hospital.

Basic information: the hospital was founded in 1955, and now has two hospital areas, covering an area of 210 mu and a construction area of 250,000 square meters. It opens 2420 beds (1600 beds in headquarter, 820 beds in east area), owns 4457 employee, 64 clinical and medical departments that includes all clinical function departments, owns 1657 large medical equipments with unit price of more than one hundred thousand RMB such as PET/CT, high-grade linear accelerators, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging systems, multi-spiral CT scanners, and fixed assets of 2.011 billion RMB.

Staff structure: there are 571 senior professional technicians, including 18 experts enjoying the State Council special allowance, 13 provincial excellent experts, 28 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Hebei province, 255 postgraduate supervisors and 232 doctoral personnel.

Disciplinary construction: ICU, thoracic surgery department, general surgery department and oncology department are National Key Clinical Specialties; oncology is provincial strong characteristic discipline; respiratory medicine department, gynaecology department, oncology department, gastroenterology department, neonates department, anesthesiology department, pathology department, otolaryngology department, hematology department, dermatology department, laboratory department, stomatology department, nephrology department, medical imaging department, and pediatrics department are provincial key clinical specialties, obstetrical department, emergency department, neurology department and ophthalmology department are provincial clinical key specialties (Nurture). Gastroenterology, ICU, pathology, hematopathology, thoracic surgery, anesthesia, radiotherapy, general surgery, medical imaging, obstetrics&gynecology and nephrologyare provincial key disciplines; oncology and respiratory medicine are provincial key developing disciplines; scientific research center and Hebei provincial dysphagia proving and treatment by traditional Chinese medicine key laboratory are provincial key laboratories.

Profession features: characterized by diagnosis and treatment of tumor, the 4th hospital has formed a comprehensive treatment system of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and integrated Chinese and Western medicines, especially has completed 36,000 cases in the diagnosis and treatment of esophageal cancer so far, which makes the hospital with the largest number of completed surgical cases of this disease in the world and reach domestic advanced level.

Medical work: the hospital has a complete set of departments that diagnoses and treats all systemic diseases such as medical, surgical, gynecological, and pediatric diseases, etc. In recent years, on the basis of constantly improving the ability of standardized diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, the hospital has comprehensively improved the ability of early diagnosis, comprehensive intervention and individualized comprehensive treatment of diseases, the ability of handling with critically ill and difficult patients. At present, more than 30 provincial leading technical operations such as minimally invasive surgeries, interventional treatments, cardiac surgeries and in vitro fertilization are carried out every year. There are 1.32 million outpatient visits, 131,300 inpatient visits and 35,300 surgeries per year    .

Education work: 25 teaching and research offices of secondary disciplines are set; surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and immunology are authorized to confer doctor degrees. The first mobile post-doctoral station in Hebei province is set in the hospital. Endoscopy department and gynecology department are national endoscopic diagnosis and treatment technology training bases. The hospital undertakes education task of more than 1600 junior college, undergraduate and graduate students every year. The hospital has won one excellent courseware award from Ministry of Education, five provincial teaching achievement awards, and 16 school-level teaching achievement awards.

Scientific research work: domestic advanced scientific research center and experimental animal center are built in the hospital. Hebei provincial cancer institute and Hebei provincial key laboratory of tumor gene diagnosis, prevention and treatment are located in the hospital. The hospital has accumulatively undertakes 2,733 scientific research tasks, including 2 projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period, 58 national funded natural science projects, 1021 scientific research achievements, and 658 SCI papers. An international scientific and technological cooperation base and a national demonstration base for early diagnosis and treatment of esophageal cancer are built.

Academic communications: in recent years the hospital has successively undertook international and domestic large-scale academic conference such as international radiotherapy conference, the national immunology conference, national conference of diagnosis and treatment of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, especially successfully undertook the 5th Chinese Conference on Oncology in 2008 with 4076 international and domestic academic elites,including winner of Nobel Prize in medicine, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, attending the conference for communication.The hospital has successfully undertook the ninth Hebei provincial cancer academic conference and international cancer cell and gene therapy academic conference, and international oncobiology and medicine academic conference in Asia-pacific region in 2013, with 2109 representatives home and abroad, which is a academic event with the largest scale, the biggest number of participants and the largest scale of academic influence compared to all previous Hebei provincial oncology conferences.

Urban and rural partner assistance: since 1972, we have been insisting on conducting health screening in rural area, with a journey of millions of kilometers and covering millions of people, totally more than 2,100 cases of various early cancers and 13,000 cases of precancerous lesions have been detected, all have been received timely treatment, good social benefits have been achieved. Seven tumor prevention and treatment sites have been established, and the partner assistance relationship between urban and rural hospitals has been established with 6 county hospitals in Pingxiang, Cixian, Guangping, Longyao, Nanpi and Xiongxian, as well as regional medical association relationship between 37 medical institutions in Wuqiao, Lingshou, Julu, Luancheng and Xinji, etc. In particular, especially our hosptial’s typical experience of 26 consecutive years of assisting Zanhuang County Hospital was promoted nationwide by former Ministry of Health by multiple ways such as holding site meetings and issuing documents, etc.

Foreign exchange: since 1986, we have sent totally 373 medical personnel for academic communications to nations such as Japan, Canada, the United States, Germany, Sweden and other countries, including 227 oversea students, meanwhile received 420 foreign scholars from 16 countries for communication in our hospital, and 36 foreign experts have been appointed for visiting professor or emeritus professor. In 2008, international technology cooperation base was approved to be set in our hospital by Ministry of Science and Technology.

Honorary titles: National Health Advanced Unit Award by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Personnel in 1995; National Advanced Unit InBringing Scientific and Literacy Knowledge and Offering Medical Service to Rural AreasAward by 14 ministries and commissions such as Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, etc, in 2005; chosen as National Medicine and Health Advanced Unit by Ministry of Health, SFDA, and State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2010; National Advanced Unit in Foreign Medical Aid Award by National Health and Family Planning Commission and Ministry of Human Resources and Social security in 2013; in 2017, chosen as Advanced Unit in Health and Family Planning System in Hebei by Health and Family Planning Commission of Hebei Province, and listed among the first batch of Nationwide Hospitals with Transparent Medical Service and Public Trust.


Shan Baoen, male, is Vice Principle and Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hebei Medical University, Secretary of the Party Committee of the 4th Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Director of Hebei Cancer Institute, Doctor of Medicine, Doctoral Supervisor, Professor. He enjoys special allowance of State Council, is awarded with the National May 1st Labor Medal, and is also one of the National Outstanding Scientific and Technical Workers and National Outstanding Hospital Directors.He is the evaluation expert of National Science Foundation, Key Project of International Scientific and Technological Cooperation of Ministry of Science, Decisions of China Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award, etc.He was graduated from Hebei Medical University. He studied as doctoral candidate and postdoctoral researcher inUniversity of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan from December, 1993 to April, 1999. He went to Chiba Cancer Center from June, 2002 to February, 2003 and King’s College London from December, 2006 to March, 2007 as visiting scholar.

He has trained 57 doctors and 173 masters, obtained 11 National Invention Patents, and published 30 works and 498 papers (165 included in SCI). He has been awarded with 5 first prizes and 21 second and third prizes of scientific and technological award at ministerial and provincial-level. He is the designate president of International Society for Cancer Gene and Cell Therapy, executive director of Chinese Anti-cancer Association and vice-chairman of Special Committee for Tumor Marker and Anti-cancer Drug, member of the standing committees of 9 national first-level societies including Chinese Society of Immunology, Chinese Mutagen Society, Oncology Branch of Chinese Medical Association, etc, and vice-chairman of Physicians Association of Western Returned Scholars Association, etc.He is chief editor, associate editor and member of standing editorial board of 12 national core journals including Chinese Journal of Immunology, and reviewer of SCI journals including Cellular Immunology.


Zhao Zongmao, Director and Deputy Party Secretary of the 4th Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Doctor of Medicine, Post Doctor of Biology, Chief Physician, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, and Vice Chairman of Surgery Department of Hebei Medical University.

Zhao is currently expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council, outstanding expert managed by Hebei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Hebei Provincial young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution, national candidate for New Century Talents Project, one of Hebei Top Ten Excellent Youth in 2007.He serves as a project assessment expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China, assessment expert of State Science and Technology Awards, assessment expert of Hebei Science and Technology Awards, expert registered in Hebei Health Science and Education Experts Database, expert registered inHebei Senior Professional Titles Judge Pool,standing committee member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Neurosurgical Branch,standing committee member of Neurorestoratology Specialized Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, standing committee member of Peripheral Nerve Specialized Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association,standing committee member ofNeurosurgery Specialized Committeeof Chinese Research Hospital Association, standing committee member of International Chinese Neurosurgical Association, committee member of Spinal Cord and Spine Group of Chinese Medical Association Neurosurgical Branch, committee member of Spinal Cord and Spine Expert Committee of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Neurosurgical Branch, vice director of Hebei Neuroscience Society, vice director ofHebei Society for Stem Cell Research, vice director of Hebei Society for Engineering in Clinical Medicine, vice director of Hebei Expert Consultation Committee for Incidents and Health Emergency,designate directorof Hebei Medical Association Neurosurgical Branch, director of Hebei Geriatric Society Neurosurgery Branch, director of neural tumor expert committee of Hebei Society of Clinical Oncology, vice director of Hebei Medical Association Disaster Medicine Branch,standing committee member of Hebei Medical Association Microsurgery Branch,designate director of Shi Jiazhuang Medical Association Neurosurgery Branch, editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Experimental Surgery, Journal of Clinical Surgery, Journal of Clinical Neurosurgery,Hebei Medical Journal, peer reviewer of Chinese Journal of Neurosurgery, Journal of Hebei Medical University, Journal of Brain and Nervous Diseases. In 2010, he was selected in Hebei Provincial 100 Outstanding Innovative TalentsSupport Program in Universities.

Zhao is mainly engaged in researches about brain tumor, cerebrovascular disease, myelopathy and rhachiopathy, prosopalgia, hemifacial spasm, critical nerve diseases, neural stem cell differentiation and transplantation. He hosts national key research and development project, National Natural Science Foundation of China, project supported by Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of Hebei Provincial Natural Science Foundation (the First Time in Hebei Province) and International Brain Glioma Cooperation Project of Hebei Provincial Natural Science Foundation, Hebei Provincial 100 Outstanding Innovative TalentsSupport Program in Universities, Hebei ProvincialMerit-based Funded Project in Postdoctoral Research Projects (the First Time in Hebei Province), Science and Technology Leading Talents’Projects of Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Hebei Provincial Key Scientific and Technological Project,Hebei Provincial Medical Practical Technology Track Project, Key Scientific and Technological Projectof Hebei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Doctoral Fund Project of Hebei Education Department, Key Scientific and Technological Project of Health Commission of Hebei Province and Scientific Research Plan Project of Hebei Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, Hebei Provincial Key Project Plan on Medical Science Research, etc.

“Research on Human Umbilical Cord Blood & Umbilical Cord Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Plasticity and Stem Cell Neural Differentiation” hosted by him has gained First Prize of Science and Technology Progress in Hebei Province, and his mainly researched project “Research on Pathogenesis and Intervention Effect Evaluation of Human Presyringomyelic State” has gained SecondPrize of Science and Technology Progress in Hebei Province. He’s the chief editor of 6 clinical monographs and co-editor of 7 clinical monographs. He has published more than 120 articles on core journals of science and technology in foreign languages and Chinese, more than 50 works were included in SCI among them.