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Stomatology Department

Introduction of Stomatology Department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University Established in 1955, the Department of Stomatology of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University is a national level standardized training base for general practitioners in stomatology. It is a key construction unit of clinical specialty in Hebei Province. It has clinics such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, Stomatology, orthodontics, prosthodontics and stomatology radiology. Its diagnosis and treatment technology and scale are in a leading position in Hebei Province, With satisfactory therapeutic effect and good service attitude, it has won wide praise.

At present, there are 22 comprehensive treatment chairs and 63 open beds in the outpatient department of Stomatology. The Department has a variety of advanced equipment and instruments, such as micro root canal treatment system, radioactive particle design system, dental implant system, jaw body X-ray panoramic machine and cone beam CT.

The Department of Stomatology has a professional team with rich clinical experience and solid theoretical knowledge. At present, there are 61 medical staff, 34 doctors and 27 nurses. Among them, there are 6 chief doctors, 4 deputy chief doctors, 11 attending doctors, 7 residents, 3 doctors with doctorates and 25 masters, forming a good knowledge structure and talent echelon.

In recent years, the clinical and scientific research achievements of oral and maxillofacial surgery have been outstanding, and the annual operation volume has been increasing. In 2018, the number of surgeries has exceeded more than 600 times, mainly involving oral and maxillofacial tumors and head and neck tumors. It has rich experience in the immediate repair of defects after extended resection of malignant tumors and the comprehensive treatment of patients with malignant tumors, such as pectoralis major myocutaneous flap, submental island myocutaneous flap, buccinator myomucosal flap, etc The application of pedicled tissue flap and free tissue flap; neoadjuvant chemotherapy of malignant tumor; the formulation of personalized treatment plan for relapsed refractory patients; brachytherapy of particle tissue in radiology department; the application of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing in functional repair of jaw defects, etc. In addition, our hospital is a designated hospital for the international smile train, funded by the international Smile Train foundation for the treatment of congenital cleft lip and palate patients free of charge.

In stomatology, the traditional root canal treatment technology has gradually changed into micro root canal treatment, which has expanded the indications of pulp disease and periapical disease, improved the cure rate of complex root canal and the retention rate of natural teeth, and the use of hot gum has improved the satisfaction of root canal filling. Oral mucosal disease has a long course and complex etiology. Our department adopts the method of combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine to treat oral lichen planus, leukoplakia, recurrent oral ulcer, etc. the curative effect is significant, especially the treatment of oral lichen planus with Chinese herbal medicine, which is unique in the province. The research on the mechanism of this disease has obtained the support of National Natural Science Foundation. Because periodontal disease is the main cause of adult dentition defect, our department carries out the sequential treatment of periodontal disease, implements periodontal surgery on the basis of clean curettage, guides periodontal tissue regeneration, and carries out oral health education to promote periodontal health. The treatment process follows the technical operation specifications of oral diagnosis and treatment, and strictly controls the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process of the treatment equipment.

The Orthodontics Clinic should carry out early occlusion induction and malocclusion prevention and treatment for children, so as to solve the problem of occlusion during the growth and development of children. The main diagnosis and treatment items include conventional edgewise orthodontic technology, self-locking bracket system, tip edge orthodontic technology, invisible orthodontic system, various functional orthodontic treatment, prevention and blocking orthodontic treatment, combined orthodontic surgery treatment, combined treatment of cleft lip and palate, temporomandibular joint orthodontic treatment, combined orthodontic periodontal treatment and combined orthodontic repair treatment.

In order to restore the beauty of the anterior teeth and the function of the posterior teeth, the prosthetic restoration of the defects in the maxillofacial region was carried out to improve the quality of life of the patients.

Oral radiation purchased imported dental film machine, oral and maxillofacial panoramic machine and cone beam CT, which can take CBCT of maxilla and mandible, curved sectional film, apical film, occlusal wing film, temporomandibular joint film, frontal and lateral films of head, etc., and can provide clear images and positioning for odontogenic jaw cyst, supernumerary teeth, embedded teeth, root canal routing and periradicular diseases.

The stomatology department undertakes the teaching tasks of master's degree, undergraduate degree and Nursing College of Hebei Medical University. It has 4 tutors for master's degree, 6-9 master's degree and 2-5 students for residential training every year. The work of residential training has been highly recognized by experts in the province, and ranks first in the evaluation of standardized training base for resident doctors in Hebei Province. The Department has undertaken more than 40 national, provincial, ministerial and bureau level projects, obtained nearly 10 scientific and technological achievements from Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology, Hebei Provincial Health Committee and Hebei Provincial Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, published several SCI's, published more than 100 papers, translations, reviews and other publications at the provincial and national levels, and published 6 monographs.