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Nutrition Department

The Nutrition Department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University was founded in 1958. It is a clinical medical technology department integrating clinical nutrition treatment, nutrition education, teaching and scientific research. After years of unremitting efforts and continuous development, we have accumulated a lot of rich and valuable experience in how to safely, reasonably and effectively carry out clinical nutrition treatment. We have gradually formulated a series of individualized and phased nutrition treatment programs characterized by tumor nutrition treatment, which has made due contributions to patients' accelerated recovery, shortened hospitalization time and saved hospitalization costs.

There is a professional team of nutritionists in the Nutrition Department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, including one with senior professional title, three with intermediate professional title and two with junior professional title. The general department has obtained the qualification of national registered nutritionist, and has undertaken the work of nutrition consultation and nutrition catering for inpatients, consultation and guidance for outpatient patients, as well as teaching, scientific research and nutrition science popularization publicity Tasks and business scope mainly include:

1.Clinical nutrition treatment: (1) individualized diet guidance and nutrition treatment shall be given to tumor patients in different treatment stages such as perioperative period, radiotherapy and chemotherapy; (2) other diseases including diabetes, hyperthyroidism, obesity, gout, cardio cerebrovascular disease, liver disease, kidney disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, gastritis, ulcer disease, colitis and children's growth retardation disease, etc Diet guidance and nutrition treatment for nutrition related diseases; (3) according to the characteristics of energy metabolism and nutrient consumption in different stages during the occurrence and development of different diseases, develop individualized nutrition support programs, select reasonable support channels and ways, determine the end-point target of nutrition treatment and the dosage and proportion of each nutrient, and intervene in patients' nutrition treatment through daily rounds The effect was observed systematically and adjusted in time according to the patient's condition and course; (4) the enteral nutrition treatment of non essential preparation, essential preparation and component preparation was provided for the tube feeding patients, and the individualized configuration was realized.

2. Special nutrition clinic: it is attended by nutrition experts. With rich clinical experience and practical basis, it provides comprehensive nutrition analysis, evaluation and professional guidance for patients with various diseases and sub-health people coming for consultation. It also formulates a systematic diet treatment plan for patients with different stages of tumor, as well as patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease and hypertension, At the same time, it also provides targeted nutritional suggestions and guidance for special groups such as infants, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly.

3. Nutrition science popularization publicity: release nutrition related science popularization knowledge and health knowledge through wechat public platform every week to enhance the public's interest and attention to nutrition; carry out nutrition free consultation regularly, and actively participate in various activities such as national nutrition week; to improve the effect of nutrition education and nutrition consultation, so that patients and citizens coming for consultation can establish a clear understanding of nutrition and diet Intuitive concept of quantity, and then increase the operability from theory to practice. Our department specially prepared and printed various publicity materials for different groups of people to bring the concept of health to every patient.