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Traditional Chinese Medicine Department

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University was founded in 1958. It is a clinical discipline integrating medical treatment, scientific research and teaching with the combination of Chinese and Western medicine as the main part and highlighting the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. After years of continuous development and expansion, it now has more than 20 professional talents team, including 7 chief doctors and professors, 4 deputy chief doctors and associate professors, 2 doctoral supervisors, and 1 national famous traditional Chinese medicine Person, 2 national TCM pharmacists, 5 Master tutors. "Liu Yaxian national famous TCM inheritance studio" and Hebei Province Key Research Laboratory of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of choking diaphragm are all set up in our department. Our department is also the experimental unit for the cooperation of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in Hebei general hospital, the main unit of cancer Professional Committee of Hebei Society of traditional Chinese medicine, and the main unit of traditional medicine professional committee of Hebei Cancer Association.

In terms of medical treatment, we have accumulated rich clinical experience in inhibiting tumor growth, preventing tumor recurrence and metastasis, reducing the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and improving the quality of life of patients. In the past three years, the annual outpatient volume of our department has been maintained at about 130000, and the outpatient volume has been in the forefront of the hospital for many years.

In terms of teaching, the teaching and Research Office of traditional Chinese medicine undertakes the teaching task of "traditional Chinese medicine" for clinical medical undergraduates of Hebei Medical University. With the joint efforts of the three generations of excellent teachers, the teaching level has been continuously improved. The young teachers of the Department have won the second prize in the school teaching competition.

In terms of scientific research, he has undertaken 3 National Natural fund projects, 1 academician cooperation project, more than 10 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, published more than 150 papers in core medical journals at home and abroad, including 5 SCI papers, 8 works on Liu Yaxian's inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine, won 1 second prize and 10 third prize of science and technology progress in Hebei Province, and 20 first prize of science and technology progress in Hebei Academy of traditional Chinese medicine Remainder. We have trained 4 doctoral students and more than 50 master students; Liu Yaxian's famous TCM inheritance studio has trained 8 national level TCM talents, and received more than 30 national and provincial excellent TCM talents and grass-roots TCM teachers for further education.

At the same time, the traditional Chinese medicine department has the outpatient department of the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, the outpatient department of the characteristic treatment of tumor of traditional Chinese medicine, the acupuncture room, the traction room, etc. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, moxibustion, medicine, application and other internal and external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine have been used to treat common tumors, such as tumor inhibition and prevention, as well as tumor related diseases such as intestinal obstruction, pleural effusion and ascites, cancer pain, intractable hiccup, and bone marrow suppression after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.