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Ningyang hospital

Ningyang hospital, the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, was established in November 2011 by the Li Ka Shing Foundation and the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University. It provides cancer pain treatment, analgesic drugs, symptom control, nursing guidance, psychological counseling and social resources support for poor patients with advanced cancer, so as to reduce the suffering of patients and improve the quality of life of patients. Meanwhile, it provides family members with Provide psychological support and grief counseling to relieve the pressure of the whole family.

The service content of Ningyang hospital belongs to the category of palliative treatment, aiming to improve the overall quality of life of patients' body mind society spirit. The service object is the patients with advanced cancer accompanied with pain who live in poverty-stricken families in and around Shijiazhuang city. So far, more than 2300 advanced cancer patients have been admitted, with a total of more than 40000 person times of diagnosis and treatment, more than 7000 person times of visits, more than 1000 person times of psychological counseling, more than 2000 person times of grief counseling for family members, covering 40 counties and cities in and around Shijiazhuang City, covering 260000 kilometers. Ningyangyuan has alleviated the pain for the patients with advanced cancer and made them live with dignity and significance in the last stage of life.