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Cytology Department (Sino Japanese Friendship Cancer Detection Center)

After several generations of cytological experts (Professor Xian Meisheng, Professor Yu Fengling, Professor Liu Luning and Professor Du Yun), the cancer detection center has developed into the largest cytological diagnosis and detection center in Hebei Province, which integrates cytological diagnosis and molecular detection. Our work mainly includes needle aspiration cytology, gynecological and non gynecological exfoliative cytology diagnosis, immunocytochemistry, DNA ploidy detection, gene mutation detection, circulating blood tumor cell detection, etc. At present, the Department includes 8 doctors and 5 technicians, including 1 chief physician, 4 attending physicians, 3 residents, 1 deputy chief technician and 4 technicians. The academic qualifications of the doctor team include 1 doctor and 7 masters. The talent structure and echelon construction are also constantly updating.