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Functional Department

There are 29 staff, 15 doctors (1 chief physician, 1 deputy chief physician, 8 attending physicians, 5 doctors), 14 technicians (1 chief technician, 2 deputy chief technicians, 2 chief technicians, 8 technicians, 1 senior engineer) in the functional department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University. There are 1 master tutor, 1 doctor, 13 masters, and 3 doctors. The staff of the Department has held many important positions in the academic groups at or above the provincial level, and the scientific research level has been continuously improved. They have won six awards for scientific and technological progress at or above the provincial level, and five projects under research.

The functional department is a department with complete examination items in all major hospitals of the province. At present, the items carried out include: electrocardiogram, dynamic electrocardiogram, cardiac function (echocardiography), pulmonary function and exercise cardiopulmonary function examination, which undertakes the electrocardiographic teaching task of previous resident training physicians. At the same time, we firmly established and implemented the development concept of research and rehabilitation of cardiopulmonary function. In April 2014, we organized and established the "Hebei Provincial cardiopulmonary function group" and affiliated with our hospital. By 2018, we had held five consecutive conferences, which was highly praised by the industry. In January 2016, it was jointly certified by the national respiratory disease clinical medicine research center, the respiratory branch of the Chinese Medical Association and the China lung function alliance as the national "standardized training unit for lung function examination". It has successfully held three sessions of "national standardized training for lung function examination - Shijiazhuang station" and trained hundreds of trainees. The qualified trainees are awarded with standardized training for lung function examination Certificate of conformity. In 2016, it won the "national excellent ECG collective Award" jointly issued by China arrhythmia Professional Committee and China ECG society. In recent years, six continuous lung function education and training courses have been held in Hebei Province, which has cultivated backbone of lung function business for hospitals at all levels in the province and promoted the vigorous development of lung function cause in our province. The first training course on basic and clinical application of ECG was held in 2019, aiming to improve the diagnosis level of ECG for clinicians and ECG doctors.