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Ultrasound Department

The ultrasound department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University was founded in May 1979. In September 2009, the Department of ultrasound of the East Hospital of our hospital officially opened. At the same time, our department also increased the ultrasound department of the east hospital. Master degree awarding point of medical imaging and nuclear medicine (ultrasound direction) of Hebei Medical University, key discipline of medical imaging of Hebei Province. It is one of the earliest hospitals to carry out ultrasound examination in China, with strong technical force. Relying on the characteristics of tumor hospitals, it has accumulated rich experience in ultrasound diagnosis, differential diagnosis and minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment under the guidance of ultrasound in various systems of tumors.

There are 30 doctors and 10 technical nurses in the Department, including 6 with senior titles, 5 with doctor's degree and 23 with master's degree. It has 30 sets of high-grade color ultrasound instruments and 5 sets of portable ultrasound instruments, which can provide high-resolution ultrasound images. At present, we have carried out ultrasound examination of abdomen, heart, small organs, blood vessels, brain, and rectum tumor cavity, and carried out a number of interventional ultrasound work. Our department has developed a number of new technologies: breast full volume imaging (ABVS), three-dimensional imaging of the heart, Doppler imaging of the heart tissue, transesophageal echocardiography, elastic imaging, contrast-enhanced ultrasound, neonatal brain color ultrasound, rectal color ultrasound, transrectal prostate, seminal vesicle color ultrasound, image fusion navigation, etc. Ultrasound-guided diagnosis and treatment have become routine, such as: microwave and radio-frequency treatment of solid tumors, puncture and catheterization of serous cavity effusion, cytology and histology biopsy of organs and lesions, fluid extraction or sclerotherapy of cysts, positioning of the surface ornamentation of swollen objects, etc.

In recent years, he has undertaken many projects of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department, finance department and Health Committee. He has won the second and third prizes of medical progress award of science and Technology Department of Hebei Province, or the first and second prizes of Health Department of Hebei Province. He has published more than 100 papers in core journals and several SCI papers. We actively carried out ultrasound screening and urban cancer screening for breast cancer and liver cancer, and screened more than 1000 cases every year, contributing to social public welfare.