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Breast Center

Hebei Breast Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center was approved and officially named by Hebei Provincial Department of health in 2008. Breast center is located in No. 169, Tianshan Avenue, Shijiazhuang hi tech Development Zone, east hospital area, the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University. It has 141 beds in three areas, including clinical trial office, central venous catheter room, maimutong operating room, breast catheter endoscopy room and follow-up room. Both the headquarters and the east hospital are equipped with experts and general outpatient services. The two hospital areas are equipped with auxiliary departments related to breast disease diagnosis and treatment, advanced imaging, pathological diagnosis equipment and high-level medical and technical personnel at home and abroad.

In 2018, the breast center has 87 medical staff, including 16 with senior professional titles, 12 with doctor's degree and 10 with master's degree, 4 with doctoral and 8 with master's degree. It has well-known experts in the field of breast cancer in China and in Hebei Province. It is the main Committee unit of many breast cancer professional committees, such as the breast cancer Professional Committee of Hebei cancer association and the breast cancer Professional Committee of Hebei Doctor Association. At present, many doctors have received more than half a year's professional training in world-class research centers and medical centers in Japan, the United States, Belgium, etc.

The breast center has carried out a variety of surgical breast operations, including breast conserving surgery for early breast cancer, sentinel lymph node biopsy for early breast cancer, localization biopsy for small breast lesions, immediate or delayed breast reconstruction after mastectomy, as well as micro invasive technologies such as maimerton (vacuum vacuum assisted tumor circumcision) operation and mammoscopy operation, forming a combination of mainly surgery The characteristics and advantages of the specialization of diagnosis and treatment of breast tumor, which is a combination of preoperative new adjuvant therapy and postoperative breast plastic surgery and reconstruction. The diagnosis and treatment of breast benign diseases, such as hyperplasia of breast, breast cyst, nipple retraction, acute and chronic mastitis, recurrent plasma cell mastitis and so on, are also at a high level.

At the same time, our hospital also has the breast imaging diagnosis department, radiotherapy department, chemotherapy department and pathology department with strong technical force in Hebei Province, a well-organized follow-up room, as well as a multi-disciplinary comprehensive ward round (MDT) system which is carried out on a regular basis, to provide guarantee for the development of individualized scheme of breast cancer patients and the successful implementation of comprehensive treatment.

Based on the fact that our hospital is the first designated unit of the national survey of millions of women and the expert unit of the supervision group of the national breast cancer survey, responsible for the survey and guidance of breast cancer in the whole province, since the establishment of the breast center, we have made outstanding achievements in the survey, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of breast diseases, especially breast cancer. In addition, with the support and guidance of the breast cancer Professional Committee of Hebei Cancer Association, a number of learning courses on the progress and standardization of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment were held to guide the propaganda and training of professional doctors on breast diseases in the province and standardize the treatment measures, with great achievements.