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No.2 General Surgery Department

There are 74 doctors and nurses in the No.2 General Surgery Department, including 10 chief doctors, 9 chief doctors and deputy chief doctors, and 91 open beds. The annual operation volume is about 1600 cases, including about 1300 cases of colorectal cancer. Diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer and digestive tract tumors. The department carries out standardized diagnosis and treatment of digestive tract tumors in accordance with the national health and Health Commission's "colorectal cancer treatment specifications", "gastric cancer diagnosis and treatment specifications", as well as internationally recognized NCCN, ESMO and other relevant guidelines. We have carried out radical and extended resection of colorectal cancer, total colectomy and TME operation of rectal cancer, low and ultra-low anus preserving operation with autonomic nerve, laparoscopic radical resection of colorectal cancer, rectal cancer and gastric cancer, laparoscopic total mesocolectomy (CME operation), and fluorescence laparoscopic radical resection of colorectal cancer and gastric cancer Laparoscopic resection of colorectal cancer and gastric cancer (noses) by natural lumen was performed. MDT and neoadjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy were carried out for patients with liver and lung metastasis, advanced colorectal cancer and colorectal cancer, which improved the rate of anus preservation and prolonged the survival period of patients.

The Department has long adhered to "patient-centered", and has accumulated rich experience in the comprehensive, standardized and individualized treatment of colorectal tumors. We have established contacts and extensive academic exchanges with many colorectal cancer surgical centers at home and abroad.

No.2 General Surgery Department is also a member of the cooperation group of endoscopic surgery in the North Cancer Hospital of China College of colorectal surgery, Beijing Tianjin Hebei anorectal physicians' Union, and Chinese physicians, which is co organized by the colorectal cancer Professional Committee of Hebei cancer association and the Stomatological Association of Hebei Cancer Association, the branch of foreign science of Chinese Medical Association and the laparoscopic group of colorectal cancer Professional Committee of China Cancer Association Association of laparoscopic surgeons training base. Experts of our department hold many positions in the important associations such as Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Doctor Association, such as chairman, vice chairman, etc.

In recent years, it has won 4 provincial achievement awards, more than 10 provincial and bureau level achievement awards, and more than 20 provincial and department level funds. Editor in chief: colorectal surgery, diagnosis and treatment of intestinal obstruction, etc. Participated in the compilation of "China colorectal cancer diagnosis and treatment standards" and other guidelines.