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Obstetrical Department

There are 58 beds in front of my subject, with two ward areas and five nursing units. The composition of the title of medical staff is reasonable, and the proportion of medical staff is appropriate.

Our hospital is "Baby Friendly Hospital", Obstetrical Department is the key specialty of Hebei Province, and the treatment center of critical pregnant women in Hebei Province. She is good at free position and painless delivery. As the obstetric department of the third grade a hospital, she is good at the standardized diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy induced hypertension, pregnancy induced diabetes, placenta previa, placental implantation, pregnancy combined with various medical diseases, etc.; in recent years, she has applied selective vascular embolization hemostasis and endoscopic minimally invasive technology to treat ectopic pregnancy, (scar pregnancy, cervical pregnancy), so as to protect patients from surgical trauma and pain of hysterectomy She is good at laparoscopic ectopic pregnancy. The family planning clinic carried out visible and rotating flow of people to further reduce the risk of surgical perforation; the ward carried out high-quality nursing, breast-feeding guidance, newborn bathing, swimming, touching, newborn disease screening, etc.; the delivery room carried out one-to-one lead delivery, analgesia delivery and spontaneous position delivery, etc.