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Neurology Department

The Department of Neurology, the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, was founded in 1990. After nearly 30 years of development, the Department of Neurology has gradually expanded. Both the East and West hospitals have outpatient wards for neurology department, with 50 beds prepared by the Department and 21 beds prepared by the east hospital. The annual outpatient and emergency treatment volume is about 10000 person times, and the annual discharge number is about 1100 person times. There are 19 doctors in neurology department, including 8 tutors for master's degree, 4 doctors with doctor's degree, 1 doctor's degree, and 7 senior professional titles. There are 34 nurses in neurology department, including 2 deputy chief nurses.

In 2012, neurology department was awarded as the key clinical training discipline in Hebei Province. Our department has a national academic journal - "modern electrophysiology journal" and an academic organization - "Hebei Electrophysiology Society". With the unremitting efforts of our team, our department is known as the member unit of the national cardio cerebrovascular disease alliance, awarded by the China stroke alliance to the stroke center, the national geriatric clinical care center, Hebei pressure sore diagnosis and treatment center, etc.

The sub specialties of neurology are complete: cerebrovascular disease, tumor related nervous system disease (solid tumor brain metastasis, meningeal metastasis, nervous system disease, etc.), demyelinating disease of nervous system (multiple sclerosis, optic neuromyelitis pedigree disease, Guillain Barre syndrome, etc.), epilepsy, etc. In the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases and basic research are in the domestic advanced ranks. By 2019, the Department has undertaken many provincial scientific research projects and won many awards. Hundreds of papers have been published in professional journals, including 11 SCI papers.

Neurology department pays attention to teaching work. It is a master's degree training center. As a standardized training base for residents, neurology department has a pass rate of 100% in the past years. Graduates are all over the country, most of them have grown into clinical backbones and discipline leaders.