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Neurosurgery Department

Neurosurgery Department in our hospital mainly carries out various diseases characterized by the treatment of nerve tumors. Our department has advanced surgical equipment (such as Lycra operating microscope, neuroendoscopy, stereotactic instrument, intraoperative neuroelectrophysiological monitoring, intraoperative ultrasound, etc.), powerful surgeons and nursing, electrophysiological monitoring team, to guarantee the safety and quality of the operation.

Neurosurgery Department in our hospital adheres to the concept of minimally invasive surgery and precise treatment. At present, various craniocerebral and spinal operations are carried out, including Craniocerebral Tumor (glioma, meningioma, metastasis, pituitary tumor, acoustic neurinoma, primary central nervous system lymphoma, etc.), spinal cord tumor, cerebrovascular disease (craniotomy and intervention of ischemic and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease), stereotactic operation And so on.

The neurosurgery of our hospital is at the leading level in Hebei Province for the surgical treatment and individualized comprehensive treatment of nervous system tumors. In the past 10 years, following the international and domestic advanced technology and treatment, we have carried out standardized comprehensive treatment of gliomas, surgical resection of gliomas in functional areas, early chemotherapy and radiotherapy and chemotherapy after gliomas operation; we have carried out various complex skull base tumors, especially the surgical treatment of intracranial and extracranial communication tumors, taking the leading position in China; we have carried out minimally invasive neurosurgery; Carry out stereotactic biopsy of deep intracranial lesions, stereotactic puncture and catheterization of cystic lesions (brain abscess, craniopharyngioma, cystic metastasis) and injection of treatment drugs; discuss MDT of difficult cases with radiotherapy department, oncology department, imaging department, pathology department, etc., so as to rationalize the treatment and maximize the benefits of patients; carry out early intracranial glioma in the province And standardized operation and individualized comprehensive treatment after operation of brain metastases, combined with patient operation, head conformal radiotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted treatment, chemotherapy and other treatment methods, making the treatment effect and survival period of patients reach the leading level in Hebei Province.

There are 16 former neurosurgeons in our program, including 7 associate senior and above experts and professors, 4 doctors and 10 masters; 42 beds, including 2 intensive care units; advanced equipment such as neuromicroscope, neuroendoscope and intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring. Based on the extensive development of microsurgery, we have strengthened the basic scientific research work of brain tumor, published more than 30 articles and 5 works, and undertaken the research work of many subjects of Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology and Department of health, which has a high reputation in the province.