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Immunology Oncology Department

The Immunology Oncology Department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University is divided into clinical department and tumor immunology laboratory, which is a characteristic department closely combining clinical and basic research. Our department mainly focuses on the comprehensive medical diagnosis and treatment of multiple system malignant tumors, with the characteristics of immunotherapy of malignant tumors. There are 27 beds in the front ward of our subject, as well as a high standard tumor immune laboratory. It is one of the earliest specialties to carry out tumor immunotherapy in our province. At present, it has the most successful cases of immunotherapy and targeted therapy in our province.

Our department is closely following the world's cutting-edge field, mainly carrying out the clinical comprehensive treatment of tumor. The treatment means organically combine chemotherapy, radiotherapy and local treatment on the basis of highlighting immunotherapy and targeted treatment. According to different patients' conditions, we have formulated individualized and reasonable plans, and established the working procedures of diagnosis, treatment, evaluation and follow-up, so as to solve the problems of patients in the late stage Effective in improving life therapy. Especially in immunotherapy and targeted therapy, we have done a lot of work and accumulated rich clinical experience in the treatment of lung cancer, malignant melanoma, gastrointestinal cancer, renal cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma and other malignant tumors. A certain number of patients have achieved a long-term survival of more than 5 years. Our department has also undertaken several national and provincial clinical research projects, mainly to explore the safety and effectiveness of immunization and targeted new drug treatment.

At present, our department has a number of senior doctors and researchers, many of whom have doctorates and overseas experience. He presided over and was responsible for a number of national and provincial research projects, and his research achievements won many provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards, and many municipal and department level medical science and technology awards. Now it has developed into a new discipline with a considerable scale, unique style and mode, and adapt to the requirements of the development of the times.