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General Medical Department

General medicine is a comprehensive medical discipline integrating clinical, prevention, rehabilitation and Humanities and social disciplines. It is characterized by taking patients as the center and providing comprehensive and continuous medical services for patients. In recent years, the state has issued relevant policies for many times, and strongly encouraged general hospitals to set up general practice department, especially in general hospitals which belong to the standardized training base of resident doctors. It is required to set up independent General Medical Department to undertake the educational task of standardized training of general practice resident doctors, and meet the needs of the general public for medical services and health management. According to the requirements of national policies, our hospital established the General Medical Department in July 2018 to carry out general practice, teaching and scientific research. At present, there are 8 general practitioners with master's degree or above, including 1 doctor, 1 doctor in study and 1 tutor for master's degree.

The main diagnosis and treatment contents of general medical department include: undifferentiated diseases with symptomatology; common diseases and multiple diseases; It involves multiple systems of acute and chronic diseases; tumor complications and complications; comprehensive management of elderly patients and cancer patients in the late stage; comprehensive health management, which can provide health consultation and lifestyle guidance for patients, and help patients to develop long-term health care plans. As the clinical base for standardized training of general residents, general medical department has established close contact with the grass-roots base, and actively carried out joint teaching and two-way referral.

The main diagnosis and treatment scope of general medical clinic includes:

1. Diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently occurring clinical diseases;

2. Diagnosis and treatment of tumor complications;

3. Patients with chronic diseases who need long-term medication and regular reexamination;

4. It is unable to determine the disease of the specialty by symptom visit;

5. Preoperative examination and postoperative rehabilitation;

6. Routine physical examination, interpretation of abnormal results, comprehensive health management;

7. Patients referred by the community.

The main treatment scope of inpatient ward of general medical department includes:

1. Common and frequently occurring clinical diseases

2. Acute and chronic diseases involving multiple systems;

3. Tumor complications and complications;

4. The undifferentiated diseases of the specialty could not be determined by symptomatology;

5. Patients with preoperative examination and postoperative rehabilitation treatment,

6. Patients referred by the community.