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Pain Rehabilitation Department

Pain Rehabilitation Department, the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, was founded in 2006. It focuses on palliative treatment, pain diagnosis and rehabilitation treatment of tumor. The Department has pain rehabilitation ward (28 beds), pain rehabilitation clinic and rehabilitation physiotherapy clinic. There are 11 doctors, including 3 doctors, 8 masters, 16 nurses and 5 rehabilitation therapists.

The Pain Rehabilitation Department takes the lead in carrying out palliative treatment, pain diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation treatment of tumor in our province, including treatment of various tumor recurrence and metastasis, treatment of cancer pain and intervention treatment of various chronic pain, rehabilitation treatment of lymphedema, rehabilitation treatment of nerve and limb function, and rehabilitation treatment of cardiopulmonary function. He has successively undertaken more than 10 national and provincial scientific research projects, won 8 science and technology progress awards, published more than 90 papers and edited more than 20 books.

The Department takes patients as the center, with the goal of alleviating patients' pain, maintaining and recovering functions, and improving the quality of life. All medical staff are conscientious, responsible, professional and have good professional skills and medical services.