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Obstetrics and Gynecology Ultrasound Department

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Ultrasound Department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University was founded in 1987. After several generations of joint efforts and continuous development, it has developed into a comprehensive business, strong technical force and indispensable medical imaging examination in clinical departments. The Department is the awarding point of master's degree in imaging medicine of Hebei Medical University. At present, the Department has 20 medical, technical and nursing personnel, including 3 chief physicians, 1 deputy chief physician, 7 senior doctors in charge, 2 residents, 2 doctors in training and 5 nurses. Professor Yang Yi, the current department director, is the chief physician and master's supervisor. There are 2 doctors with doctor's degree and 11 doctors with master's degree in the Department. Kone has 14 high-grade color ultrasonic diagnostic instruments and a sound network workstation. The software and hardware have reached the level required by the Ministry of health. The total daily workload of the headquarters and the east hospital district is more than 300 person times.

At present, the Department has undertaken more than ten provincial level research projects. By 2019, the Department won more than ten first, second and third prizes from the Department of science and technology, the Department of health and the Department of education, and published more than 100 papers in national core journals. The Department has completed the training of more than 40 graduate students in general recruitment, orientation and on-the-job, and there are still 6 graduate students in the Department. The Department is responsible for the internship and practice of the students in the imaging department of Hebei Medical University. It also receives the advanced doctors from all parts of the province to study, so as to improve the professional level of the basic ultrasound doctors.

All doctors in the Department are proficient in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of gynecological diseases and tumors, interventional therapy, prenatal screening of fetus, including the diagnosis of congenital heart disease, facial malformation and chromosomal malformation. Departments adhere to the principle of "patient-centered", always put the interests of patients first, strictly require the general staff, constantly improve the quality of work, and strive to provide valuable diagnostic information for the clinic. After random inspection, the satisfaction rate of patients each year reaches 95%, and the compliance rate of clinical diagnosis reaches more than 95%.