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Wang Juan

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Wang Juan, deputy chief physician, associate professor and doctor of medicine. Director of Hebei Reproductive Health Association, member of perinatal medical doctor branch of Hebei Medical Doctor Association, member of natural childbirth promotion professional committee of Hebei maternal and Child Health Association, member of perinatal nutrition professional committee of Hebei eugenics and eugenics Association, member of women health professional committee of Hebei Province. In 2009, he worked in the obstetrics department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University and has accumulated rich clinical experience. In 2017, he went to the University of Rhode Island in the United States as a visiting scholar.

He is good at fetal protection treatment of threatened abortion, prevention, early identification and diagnosis and treatment of gestational diabetes, hypertension and other complications, as well as diagnosis and treatment of obstetric critical illness. Published 6 papers, including 5 papers in core journals. There are 2 supporting projects of Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department, 1 for the first and 1 for the second. Hebei Provincial Department of health project 1, the first principal investigator.