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Ding Cuimin

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Ding Cuimin, director of respiratory department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, chief physician, Professor, master tutor. He also served as the vice chairman of the lung cancer special committee of the Chinese medical church, the director of the North China COE center of the lung cancer special committee of the Chinese medical church, the Standing Committee member of the lung cancer special committee of the cancer branch of the China Association for the aged, the member of the lung cancer special committee of the China Anti Cancer Association, the executive director of the Hebei anti cancer association, the vice chairman of the Hebei respiratory and Health Association, and the tumor targeting treatment special committee of the Hebei anti cancer association Chairman, vice chairman of lung cancer committee of Hebei Cancer Association, vice chairman of respiratory branch of Hebei Medical Association, editorial board member of International Journal of respiration.

Over the years, he has undertaken many projects of Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology, Hebei Provincial Department of health, and Wu Jieping foundation. He has participated in the formulation and revision of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment guidelines and expert consensus all the year round, and has been active in the domestic high-level academic platform all the year round, with a high academic status. He has won many titles such as advanced worker, top ten doctors and excellent teacher.

After 35 years of medical practice, he has solid theoretical knowledge. As an academic leader and department director, he has led the medical staff of the Department to complete the rescue of a large number of critical respiratory patients and the diagnosis and treatment of difficult patients. He has rich clinical experience in lung cancer, pulmonary infection, pulmonary thromboembolism, COPD, asthma, pleural disease and other diseases. Professional direction: standardized diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, participate in or preside over a number of clinical trials.