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Zhao Xuetao

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Zhao Xuetao, director of the blood transfusion department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, deputy chief technician, MD. He has been engaged in blood management and transfusion medicine for 15 years, has solid professional basic theory and rich medical teaching and research experience, and has high professional advantages and academic attainments in difficult blood group identification, clinical transfusion treatment and blood immunity. He served as the third executive director of Hebei blood transfusion Association, member of clinical blood transfusion committee of China blood transfusion Association, vice chairman of blood transfusion branch of Hebei Medical Association, vice chairman of Hebei clinical blood quality management and control center, member of Hebei immune Infection Society, and expert of safety blood transfusion technology verification of National Health and Health Commission.

The main research direction is difficult blood group identification, clinical blood transfusion treatment and blood immunity. Published one SCI and more than 20 Chinese core articles. Now, it has 2 key scientific and technological research projects of the Department of health, 3 second prizes and 1 third prize for excellent medical scientific and technological achievements of Hebei Province. He is the editor in chief of three books: clinical blood use, practical blood transfusion technology and clinical blood transfusion and management.