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Gong Xiaohong

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Gong Xiaohong, female, doctor of cardiovascular ultrasound imaging, director of the functional department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, chief physician, master tutor. He is the group leader of the whole cardiorespiratory function group of Hebei Province, member of the Standing Committee of the ultrasound branch of Hebei society of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, member of the cardiovascular disease prevention and rehabilitation professional committee of China geriatric health care association, and member of the echocardiography Professional Committee of Hebei vascular health and Technology Association, Member of Standing Committee of electrocardiology Professional Committee of China Medical Education Association, national member of electrocardiology branch of China Society of water conservancy and electric power medical science and technology, member of electrocardiography Professional Committee of Hebei vascular health and Technology Association, member of electrocardiology group of Shijiazhuang electrocardiographic physiology and pacing branch. Hebei Province Science and technology award expert database review experts. He has published more than 20 papers in domestic journals above provincial level. He has been engaged in the detection of heart and lung function for a long time, and is good at heart ultrasound, lung function, electrocardiogram and dynamic electrocardiogram.