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Han Ruoling

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Han Ruoling, chief physician, Professor, master and doctoral supervisor. Director of ultrasound department, the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University. In 1997 and 2003, he obtained master's degree and doctor's degree in internal medicine.

Specialty: engaged in ultrasound diagnosis and treatment of superficial organs, abdomen and cardiovascular for a long time, with comprehensive technology and rich clinical experience. Especially in cardiovascular disease and thyroid, breast disease ultrasound diagnosis has valuable experience. He has published more than 50 national papers. It has undertaken nearly ten provincial projects and provincial funds. It has won 5 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 1 third prize of science and technology progress of Hebei Provincial Department of health.

Social public welfare activities: since 2012, he has participated in the screening of two cancers in rural areas, and has carried out training and supervision on early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Since 2015, he has led the general department to participate in the screening of urban breast cancer. So far, he has screened many early breast cancer patients. With the support of the hospital and Anti-cancer Association, three training courses on early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer have been held in the whole province, with more than 1000 trainees. In recent 10 years, he has devoted himself to the research and application of multimodal ultrasound imaging technology in the accurate diagnosis of thyroid nodules, making unremitting efforts for the accurate diagnosis of thyroid cancer.

Social position:

Deputy Secretary General of imaging branch of Chinese Association of female doctors; executive vice president of Hebei society of ultrasound medical engineering;

Vice chairman of Medical Imaging Management Branch of Hebei Hospital Association, vice chairman of cancer imaging Committee of Hebei Cancer Association;

He is the vice chairman of ultrasound doctor branch of Hebei Medical Doctor Association and the vice chairman of image branch of Hebei women medical doctor association;

Vice chairman of vascular ultrasound special committee of Hebei vascular health and Technology Association;

Vice chairman of the special committee of echocardiography of Hebei vascular health and Technology Association;

Member of the Standing Committee of breast cancer committee of Hebei Cancer Association;

Director of the Eighth Council of Hebei Cancer Association; director of the Second Council of Hebei Cihui cancer prevention foundation;

Member of the special committee of echocardiography of Chinese society of ultrasonic medical engineering; member of the professional committee of ultrasound doctors branch (abdominal ultrasound) of Chinese Medical Doctor Association;

Editorial board member of clinical highlights;

Communication Editorial Committee of Chinese Journal of ultrasound imaging and Chinese Journal of medical ultrasound (Electronic Edition);