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Liu Shugang

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Liu Shugang, male, deputy chief physician, associate professor, deputy director of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, graduated from Hebei Medical University with master's degree. He is a member of the Youth Committee of cancer specialty of Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine, a member of the Youth Committee of the traditional Committee of China Anti Cancer Association, a member of the Standing Committee of the traditional special committee of Hebei anti cancer association, and a vice chairman of the cancer special committee of Hebei rehabilitation Medical Association.

In China, he is the first to engage in the research on the correlation between human symptomatology and autonomic nerve, autonomic nerve and tumor. The biological characteristics and internal environment of tumor were understood from the state of human autonomic nervous system, so as to delay tumor growth and improve tumor related symptoms by the method of combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. He has undertaken projects of administration of traditional Chinese medicine, such as the intervention effect of Zang Fu Tu acupoints on gastroparesis and the influence of white mustard seed on the proliferation of human ACh and colon cancer cells. At present, he has undertaken the academician cooperation project of Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology, and has cooperated with academician Gu Jianren team of Shanghai Cancer Research Institute to carry out the research on the correlation between autonomic nerve and tumor.

He participated in and completed 5 provincial and department level projects, published more than 10 core Chinese papers, and participated in the preparation of "integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine oncology internal medicine", "Clinical Practical Oncology internal medicine" and other works.