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Zhang Xuexin

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Zhang Xuexin, chief physician, Professor, master tutor, director of neurosurgery. He graduated from Hebei Medical University in 1988, majoring in surgery. In 1995, he organized the establishment of Neurosurgery Department of our hospital and presided over the work of department director. Every year, he completed 2300 operations, mainly for various kinds of tumor operations of nervous system, including meningiomas, gliomas, tumors in the cerebellopontine angle area, tumors in the sellar area, tumors in the spinal canal, tumors outside the intracranial communication, etc. He has more than 4000 clinical experience in tumor resection, and the total resection rate has reached the advanced level in the province Rich clinical experience.

At present, he is the vice chairman of neurooncology Committee of Hebei cancer society, director of the Council of Hebei cancer society, vice chairman of Neurosurgery Branch of Hebei Doctor Association, and member of neurooncology Committee of Beijing Cancer Society.

As the academic leader and director of Neurosurgery, he is good at the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system tumors, especially for intractable intracranial and extracranial communication tumors. In 1994, he went to Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai Second Medical University for further study in neurosurgery. He studied the interventional diagnosis and treatment technology of neurotumor and cerebrovascular disease from the famous neurosurgery experts Shen Jiankang and Zhao Weiguo. He is one of the early medical staff who carried out cerebral angiography and interventional treatment in our province. Skilled in technology, keep improving, and constantly fill the gap in the field of neurological intervention in our hospital. He has published more than 20 papers in national core journals and won the first prize of Hebei Medical Science. At present, he has undertaken or participated in 4 projects of Hebei Provincial Department of health. He has made many speeches and academic exchanges at national and provincial academic conferences.