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Liu Haiying

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Deputy chief physician, associate professor and doctor of Neurosurgery of the fourth hospital of the University. He served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Neurosurgery Branch of Hebei cancer society, the spinal column group of the Neurosurgery Branch of Hebei Medical Association, a member of the brain metastasis cancer Professional Committee of Hebei clinical oncology society, a member of the neurosurgery Professional Committee of Hebei geriatric medical association, and a member of the Neurosurgery Branch of Hebei society of integrated traditional and Western medicine.

He graduated from West China Medical University in 1995 and received a doctor's degree in neurosurgery in 2006. He has been engaged in neurosurgery for more than 20 years and has rich clinical experience. He has mainly completed various kinds of neurosurgery operations, including meningioma, glioma, metastasis tumor, pontocerebellar angle tumor, sellar region tumor, intraspinal tumor, etc. In 2008, he went to Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University for further study in neurosurgery. He published more than ten papers in national journals, wrote three works, participated in research projects and won one first prize for scientific and technological progress in Hebei Province and two second prizes for medical science and technology in Hebei Province.