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Song Zhenchuan

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Title : Chief Physician

Personal profile

Song Zhenchuan, M.D., doctoral supervisor, director of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University, director of breast disease diagnosis and treatment center of Hebei Province, member of breast cancer expert committee of China Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO), standing committee member of breast disease professional committee of China Medical Education Association, standing committee member of breast disease branch of China Medical and Health International Exchange Promotion Association, Beijing Cancer Society Member of the Standing Committee of breast surgery professional committee, chairman of breast cancer Professional Committee of Hebei Medical Association, vice chairman of breast cancer Professional Committee of Hebei Cancer Association, and vice leader of breast science group of Hebei Medical Association.

He has been engaged in general surgery for more than 30 years, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, especially breast cancer, and can well complete breast cancer breast conserving surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy of early breast cancer, immediate or delayed breast reconstruction after mastectomy, as well as micro invasive surgery such as maimerton (vacuum negative pressure assisted tumor circumcision) and mammoscopy. More than 60 papers have been published, including more than 20 papers included by SCI.