Provincial Key (Developing) Disciplines

Obstetrics and Gynecology Department

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University is a key medical discipline in Hebei Province. It is a comprehensive discipline integrating clinical, teaching and scientific research, focusing on the standardization and individualized diagnosis and treatment of Obstetrics and gynecology. At present, there are four gynecology wards, 141 beds, an annual outpatient volume of more than 60000 people, and an annual number of patients living in hospitals of more than 8000 people. There are two obstetrics wards and five nursing units, 58 beds. Reproductive medicine Department is a characteristic Department of our hospital. It was initially established in 1996, expanded to reproductive medicine department in 2001, and officially approved by the Ministry of health to carry out assisted reproductive technology in 2006. There are 42 beds in the Department of gynecology and oncology, and more than 700 cases of gynecology tumor radiotherapy are admitted every year. Founded in 1987, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology ultrasound is the awarding point of master's degree in imaging medicine of Hebei Medical University. It has 14 high-grade color ultrasound diagnostic instruments and a sound network workstation. The software and hardware equipment has reached the level required by the Ministry of health, with comprehensive business and strong technical force. The total daily workload of the Department and the east hospital area is more than 300 person times. It is an indispensable medical imaging examination department for clinical departments.

As the fourth level training base for gynecological endoscopy of the health care Commission, gynecology department has a high-quality academic echelon of endoscopy, and can complete various fourth level palace and laparoscopic minimally invasive operations, such as type III hysterectomy, cervical cancer pelvic clearance, advanced ovarian cancer tumor cell reduction, single hole laparoscopy, pelvic and paraaortic lymphadenectomy, single leaf peritoneum vagina replacement, salpingo Tube anastomosis and ostomy, resection of deep endometriosis, correction of congenital genital malformation, reconstruction of pelvic floor function, suspension of the middle part of the urethra through the closed orifice, hysteroscopic type II myomectomy, endometrial electrotomy, etc. The number and proportion of cases of laparoscopic surgery ranked first in the province, and it was demonstrated and promoted in major conferences at home and abroad; it took the lead in popularizing laparoscopic endometrial cancer radical surgery, nerve preserving type III hysterectomy, cervical cancer pelvic clearance, late stage ovarian cancer tumor cell reduction, single hole laparoscopic surgery in the province, and achieved good therapeutic effect, And robot surgery will be carried out soon. Take the lead in carrying out standardized and individualized treatment and follow-up of gynecological malignant tumors (including ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, trophoblastic tumor) in the province, so as to make the treatment of gynecological tumors in line with international standards.

Our hospital is "Baby Friendly Hospital", obstetrics department is the key specialty of Hebei Province, and the treatment center of critical pregnant women in Hebei Province. She is good at free position and painless delivery. As the obstetric department of the third grade a hospital, she is good at the standardized diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy induced hypertension, pregnancy induced diabetes, placenta previa, placental implantation, pregnancy combined with various medical diseases, etc.; in recent years, she has applied selective vascular embolization hemostasis and endoscopic minimally invasive technology to treat ectopic pregnancy, (scar pregnancy, cervical pregnancy), so as to protect patients from surgical trauma and pain of hysterectomy She is good at laparoscopic ectopic pregnancy. The family planning clinic carried out visible and rotating flow of people to further reduce the risk of surgical perforation; the ward carried out high-quality nursing, breast-feeding guidance, newborn bathing, swimming, touching, newborn disease screening, etc.; the delivery room carried out one-to-one lead delivery, analgesia delivery and spontaneous position delivery, etc.

Since its establishment, the Department of reproductive medicine has continuously introduced and learned advanced technology at home and abroad, summed up experience, carried out scientific management and standardized operation, and achieved a high clinical pregnancy rate in assisted reproductive technology. At present, the Department of reproductive medicine mainly deals with the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, ovulation disorders, salpingitis, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, recurrent abortion, oligospermia and azoospermia in men and women. At the same time, it carries out the following assisted reproductive technologies: conventional in vitro fertilization embryo transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, blastocyst culture Breeding, freezing and recovery of embryo and blastocyst, artificial insemination by husband and artificial insemination by donor, etc. In addition, we also carried out techniques such as multiple pregnancy reduction, sperm cryopreservation, testicular puncture biopsy, testicular microejaculation and so on, as well as genetic consultation and fertility preservation of eugenics and eugenics.

Gynecologists have a comprehensive grasp of the principles and comprehensive treatment system of the standardized treatment of gynecological tumors, the related knowledge of external radiation intensity-modulated radiotherapy, the target area of tumor radiotherapy in various parts, the technology of three-dimensional post implant treatment of gynecological tumors, the external radiation conformal and intensity-modulated radiotherapy of gynecological tumors, which improves the local dose of tumors, reduces the radiation dose of normal tissues, increases the therapeutic effect and decreases the therapeutic effect Side effects of radiotherapy. After the introduction of medical post installation machine, three-dimensional implantation and post installation of gynecological tumors were carried out, so that some patients with intractable cervical cancer such as eccentric, huge, recurrent and metastatic patients could be treated in time and effectively. At the same time, the self-made mold individualized implantation was also carried out to treat patients with recurrent cervical cancer in vagina and pelvic cavity, and good results were achieved. 3D printing mold is also used to guide the implantation of recurrent cervical cancer. The developing Department of gynecology and oncology is working hard to improve the diagnosis and treatment of gynecology and oncology.

All doctors in the gynecology and obstetrics ultrasound department are proficient in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of gynecological diseases and tumors, interventional therapy and prenatal screening of fetus, including the diagnosis of congenital heart disease, facial malformation and chromosomal malformation. Departments adhere to the principle of "patient-centered", always put the interests of patients first, strictly require the general staff, constantly improve the quality of work, and strive to provide valuable diagnostic information for the clinic. After random inspection, the satisfaction rate of patients each year is 95%, and the clinical diagnosis rate is more than 95%. We always bear in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and constantly strengthen the service Consciousness, improve service attitude, improve work quality, make unremitting efforts to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship and promote the development of ultrasound industry in the whole province and even the whole country.

There are 11 chief doctors, 5 deputy chief doctors, 19 attending doctors, 11 resident doctors, 27 master's degree holders, 12 doctors, and 4 doctoral candidates in the Department of gynecology. Five of them have gone to the United States, Sweden and Japan to study. They are the awarding point for master's degree and doctoral degree holders. There are 10 tutors for master's degree holders and 3 tutors for doctoral degree holders. At present, there are 4 chief doctors, 2 deputy chief doctors, 4 doctors and 15 masters in the Department of reproductive medicine. There are 3 chief doctors, 3 deputy chief doctors, 4 attending doctors, 2 resident doctors, 22 nurses, 2 technicians, 1 physicist, 5 Master tutors and 10 postgraduates in gynecology and obstetrics department; there are 3 chief doctors, 1 deputy chief physician, 7 senior attending doctors, 2 resident doctors, 5 nurse doctors, 2 doctors with doctor's degree and 2 doctors with master's degree in gynecology and obstetrics department 11 doctors.

In 2006, the professional committee of gynecological oncology of Hebei cancer association was established, and in 2008, the gynecological oncology branch of Hebei Medical Association was established. It regularly hosted the gynecological oncology and minimally invasive conference of Hebei Province, and cultivated a large number of gynecological oncology and minimally invasive backbones for Hebei Province. The national operation video competition of young gynecologists won 3 second prizes and 1 third prize. The national young gynecological oncologist case speech competition won 1 first prize, 1 second prize and 1 third prize. Hebei medical industry skills competition third prize 1. It has cooperated with Beijing Union Medical College Hospital in 3 research projects, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 1 research project, Moffitt Cancer Center of the United States, medical department of Chiba University of Japan, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, Zhongshan Tumor Hospital, Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known hospitals at home and abroad. The undertaking and holding of CME are all national level continuing education projects. The medical staff of the Department went to Nepal to support, held the academic exchange meeting on laparoscopic surgery for gynecological tumors, completed 200 gynecological operations, carried out tumor cell reduction surgery for ovarian cancer, standardized the treatment of cervical cancer and endometrial cancer, and awarded the honorary certificate by B.P. Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital of Nepal.

Presided over one general program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, two programs of Hebei Natural Science Foundation, one program of Hebei Natural Science Foundation for young scientists, and more than 40 provincial programs; in the past five years, SCI More than 20 papers, more than 60 core journals; 12 published works, 3 applications for national patents, 20 scientific research awards, including 1 national, 4 provincial first prizes, 2 provincial second prizes, 2 provincial third prizes, 1 ministerial second prize, and 10 ministerial third prizes.