Provincial Key Clinical (Nurture) Specialties

Anesthesiology Department

The Anesthesiology Department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University was founded in 1958. After decades of hard work and unremitting efforts, it has formed a reasonable academic echelon and a complete clinical, teaching and scientific research system of clinical secondary disciplines. In 1983, it obtained the right to grant a master's degree in anesthesiology, and in 2014, it obtained the right to grant a doctor's degree in anesthesiology. As a branch of Anesthesiology of Hebei Medical University The Department of intoxication is located in Hebei Province. In 1991, it established the specialty of Anesthesiology, and in 1993, it established the undergraduate education of Anesthesiology, which is one of the earliest universities in China. In 1994, it was awarded the key discipline by Hebei Provincial Department of education, in 2001, it was awarded the key discipline by Hebei Provincial Department of health, and in 2014, it was awarded the provincial clinical education by Hebei provincial health and Family Planning Commission In the same year, it obtained the qualification of national anesthesiology resident standardized training base.

There are 68 doctors and 12 anesthesia nurses, including 9 professors, 12 associate professors, 11 tutors, 6 doctors and 59 masters. The discipline leading team respectively served as the national vice chairman of cancer anesthesia and analgesia Committee of China Anti Cancer Association, the national Standing Committee of anesthesiologist branch of China Medical Association, the national member of anesthesiologist branch of China Medical Association, the chairman of anesthesiologist branch of Hebei Medical Association and anesthesiologist branch of Hebei Medical Association, the chairman designate, vice chairman, standing committee member, etc Important academic positions.

Anesthesiology Department is equipped with an anesthesia clinic, which is responsible for the guidance of perioperative anesthesia and comfortable medical treatment. By the end of 2019, it has 45 operating rooms and one PACU area, which are equipped with the top domestic and international anesthesia machines, multi-functional monitors and other anesthesia medical equipment. It has completed more than 20000 cases of various types of surgical anesthesia every year. As a Cancer Hospital of Hebei Province, anesthesiology is the key discipline of the whole hospital. The work scope involves many departments of the hospital. From the interests of patients, it is the work center of the Department to provide patients with painless and comfortable medical services. The Department of anesthesiology has rich experience in anesthesia and pain treatment of esophageal cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, head and neck cancer and gynecological tumor surgery, especially in the perioperative anesthesia management of elderly critical surgery patients, which has reached the advanced level in China. As the first painless hospital in Hebei Province, anesthesiology department also undertakes painless endoscopy, painless induced abortion, painless hysteroscopy, cancer pain treatment and pain treatment and other comfortable medical diagnosis and treatment services. The Department of anesthesiology has launched a series of new technology and new therapies that are convenient for the people and benefit the people, including perioperative blood protection, target management fluid infusion, visual anesthesia management, eras management, daytime operation mode management, perioperative temperature protection, deep vein thrombosis prevention and control, etc., to protect and escort healthy China. Supported by excellent technology, as a reliable first aid team of the hospital, the Department of anesthesiology has played an irreplaceable role in the major social medical treatment tasks such as SARS in 2003, Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, and H1N1 treatment in 2009.

As one of the leading departments of anesthesiology in Hebei Province, Anesthesiology Department has advanced experimental instruments and equipment, such as gas chromatograph, powerlab / 8sp physiological recorder, portable color ultrasound, respiratory function monitor, etc., with relatively stable research direction. In recent years, it has published more than 600 SCI and Chinese core journal papers in journals at home and abroad, and won more than 10 provincial science and technology achievement awards It has undertaken more than 20 scientific research projects at provincial, ministerial and bureau levels.

In addition to clinical work and scientific research, the anesthesiology of our hospital also shoulders the important task in teaching construction and personnel training. The discipline is responsible for the teaching management of the Department of Anesthesiology of Hebei Medical University. It has formed a unique teaching system and personnel training experience. Each year, it trains more than 100 anesthesia undergraduates and more than 10 postgraduates with master's and doctor's degrees. It has optimized the anesthesia professional team of our province and even the whole country. As a national anesthesia training base, more than 1000 students have been trained since 2014, and all of them have successfully completed the training task. In addition, the international academic exchange field has established a stable exchange mechanism with the Department of Anesthesiology and hematology of Okayama University and its affiliated Okayama hospital in Japan, and the annual exchange visits and personnel visits have become the norm. In order to improve the basic level of anesthesia in Hebei Province, with the support of the provincial health and Health Commission, relying on the Department of anesthesia of Medical University, we organized the "training course for the shortage of talents in basic level of anesthesia in Hebei Province", which targeted the annual centralized training for the backbone anesthesiologists at the basic level, and solidly improved the quality control level of basic level anesthesia in Hebei Province. In the field of continuing education, more than 10 national and provincial CME projects are held every year, and renowned anesthesiologists at home and abroad are invited to update their knowledge and teach their skills. The annual average number of training for anesthesiologists is nearly 3000, which greatly promotes the professional quality of anesthesiologists in our province. The teaching and training work and performance of the Department have been widely recognized by the domestic peers. In 2017, the discipline was awarded by the anesthesiology branch of the Chinese Medical Association to two national professional training bases, i.e. "national anesthesia training center for elderly patients" and "national perioperative blood management training center". Before that, it also obtained the "clinical technology training base", "difficult airway intubation technology training base", "whole airway intubation technology training base" With the qualification of several skill training centers, such as intravenous anesthesia training base and Hebei ultrasound visualization anesthesia technology training base, it has laid a solid organizational foundation for academic introduction and popularization in our province.

After several generations of painstaking efforts of anesthesiologists, the Anesthesiology Department of the fourth hospital of Hebei Medical University is becoming the leading discipline to promote the development of "comfortable medical treatment", the key discipline to ensure medical safety, the key discipline to improve the working efficiency of the hospital, the central discipline to coordinate the relationship between various disciplines, and the key discipline development journey well known and recognized by the society!