Provincial Key Clinical (Nurture) Specialties

Emergency Department

The emergency department of our hospital is the first-line department for the rescue of all kinds of acute and critical patients in the hospital, with strong rescue strength. It is a strong pillar for the hospital to deal with all kinds of emergencies and all kinds of emergency and critical patients. The emergency department is located on the east side of the first floor of the new medical technology building of the hospital, covering an area of 2400m2. It is equipped with pre examination Triage area, emergency diagnosis area, rescue room, debridement and suture room, monitoring room, observation infusion room, emergency ward and other service rescue units, equipped with various multi-functional monitoring systems, rescue facilities, bedside rapid testing equipment, etc. At present, there are 87 medical staff, who are active, hardworking and willing to contribute. They have been awarded the "youth civilization" of Hebei Province for years, and many of them have won the titles of advanced medical workers, skill pacesetters and excellent teachers at provincial and hospital levels.

At present, the number of emergency patients in emergency department is 50000 person times per year, and the number of critical patients above grade II ranks the top in the province, with the rescue success rate reaching over 96%. With the characteristics of emergency treatment of tumor patients, it has outstanding advantages for emergency treatment of all kinds of critical patients, and can routinely carry out various emergency rescue related treatment. Hospitals and departments pay attention to personnel training and regularly send business backbones to study new technology, which greatly improves the emergency treatment ability and rescue success rate of critical illness.