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Blood Transfusion Department

The hospital set up its own blood bank in October 1981. At that time, there were only seven members in the Department. In 2000, the blood bank was renamed as the blood transfusion department. In 2001, the provincial health and Health Commission approved the establishment of a preliminary screening laboratory for HIV antibody in the blood transfusion department. With the development of the hospital and the unremitting efforts of the Department staff, the blood transfusion department continues to develop and expand, and gradually establishes the laboratory quality management system, realizes the closed-loop management of the hospital's clinical blood use information, improves the laboratory automation level, and makes the hospital's clinical blood use management move towards standardization, standardization and lean.

The talent structure and echelon construction are constantly optimized. At present, there are 17 professional and technical personnel in the Department, including 2 deputy chief technicians, 12 chief technicians, 2 technicians and 1 technician. There are 3 doctors, 8 postgraduates and 6 undergraduates.

New equipment has been added, such as automatic blood type matching system, special refrigerator for blood storage, freezer, special centrifuge for blood type, plasma melting instrument, microscope, automatic chemiluminescent instrument, blood irradiation instrument, RPR horizontal rotation instrument, 4℃operation platform, platelet concussion instrument, capillary centrifuge, coagulation and blood small board function detector, blood cell single collector, etc.

At present, it has carried out: positive and negative typing of ABO system (microcolumn method and tube method), identification of Rh blood group system, screening and identification of irregular antibodies, Coomb ` s test, hemolysis test of newborn, cross matching test (microcolumn method and coagulum method), identification of difficult blood groups, blood irradiation and detection of syphilis and AIDS antibody. Projects to be carried out: plasma exchange, single collection, platelet antibody, blood coagulation and platelet function detection, and clinical application of platelet rich plasma technology.

On May 14, 2019, the blood transfusion department moved to the new site. In response to the call of the hospital, the blood transfusion department implemented 5S management in an all-round way. In order to better serve patients and clinical departments, the Department carried out the project from the original single blood group serology detection technology to clinical blood transfusion treatment.